"Müller is a real family company: every employee is involved and is part of the group!"

Linda de BoerExecutive Secretary

“A few years ago, I was looking for a new job. Müller immediately appealed to me because it felt like an enterprising and dynamic company. But I also noticed how engaged the employees were. Müller is a real family business, and it’s really noticeable!”

What is your background?

“After completing the PR/Marketing programme at Schoevers, I decided to travel the world for a few years first. Not as a backpacker but as a stewardess with Martinair. After ten years, marriage, children and a lot of experience, I decided that I wanted to stay a little closer to home. After a few jobs with other companies, I was hired by Müller Fresh Food Logistics in Holten.”

Why Müller?

“The company appealed to me firstly because it felt enterprising and dynamic. But I couldn’t help but notice how engaged the employees are. Müller is a family business, and you can tell by everything they do.”

What does your job involve?

“As an executive secretary, I’m involved in various activities. I work on various projects, organising seminars, trade shows or an opening, for example. I sometimes manage projects, provide support or think along. So my job is quite varied in other words.”

What’s the atmosphere on the work floor like?

“What I like about Müller are the short communication lines, the flexible attitude of the employees and management and the space you are given to develop your career. The atmosphere is great. You need that time for a chat, to ensure that everyone will work together when things get really busy.”

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