"From trainee on the driver’s desk to planner: exactly where I hoped to end up!"

Jurian SteginkPlanner

“I started to work on the driver’s desk at Müller in April 2015, as part of my work placement in the margin of the Transport & Logistics programme. Now, five years later, I'm happy to be working in the planning department. I especially like the diversity and the rotating shifts”.

How did you start out at Müller?

“In 2015, I was following the first year of the Transport & Logistics programme. I ended up doing my work placement at Müller on the driver’s desk. During my work placement, I regularly got to ride with the drivers. After my work placement, they kept me on, working on an on-call basis, during the holidays or for a few hours after school. After I completed the programme, they hired me as a planner, which is exactly what I had hoped to do when I started to follow this programme. This is my dream job!”

Why Müller?

“In my department, we work with rotating shifts, meaning day shifts and afternoon shifts.  I really like the diversity. Müller is also a nice company to work for, where a lot is possible and where you can learn a lot. You get to work with enthusiastic colleagues in a dynamic environment. We all work hard but we like to keep things fun. I really enjoy my job”!

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