"More than 80 years of Müller"

We have been in business for over 80 years. The power of a family business, where the standards and values have remained the same throughout the years. Nonetheless Müller has continually adapted itself to the changing world in which it operates. As a result, it is still a growing, successful and innovative company so many years later.

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A unique family company

Being a family business sets us apart from the competition, especially at a time where major European players are increasingly in the picture. Müller is still ‘just’ Müller, and the family owns all the shares. The power of Müller? Short communication lines, fast decisions, which sets us apart from large corporations.

Our mission and vision

Müller Fresh Food Logistics wants to play a leading role as a full-service logistics provider within the European supply chain of conditioned foodstuffs.

Müller Fresh Food Logistics wants to be a full-service logistics provider of conditioned foodstuffs in Europe, assisting customers with their core business by executing as many logistical processes possible for customers in an optimal way.

An attractive employer

  • We offer Code 95 training
  • We work with the best materials
  • Opportunities to pursue a career in logistics
  • Timely and adequate salary
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