"Everything is always very well organised at Müller!"

Bob van KleefLogistical employee

“I’ve been working at Müller as a logistical employee for 2.5 years. My job includes order picking, loading and unloading trailers and preparing pallets for shipment. So my job is quite varied.”

How did you end up at Müller?

“At the time, I went to work for a temp agency and after six months, Müller hired me full-time.”

Why Müller?

“The work is very varied, which makes the job even more fun! My colleagues and me only have one goal every day, to complete all the orders by the end of the day. Obviously, you need to work well together and help each other where necessary, but you also need to have sufficient material. Müller is very well organised in that sense! But the job is also challenging: every day is different when you work at Müller as a logistical employee!”

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