"As a trainee, you get to work in every department, ensuring greater flexibility after your training!"

Mariëlle HoekstraFrom trainee to logistical employee

“I was training to become a logistical employee at the Transport & Logistics Training Centre in Rijssen, which is how I ended up Müller, starting out as a trainee. I went to school one day a week and spent the other four days working in the warehouse. After completing my training, they immediately offered me an annual contract!”

What jobs do you get to do as a trainee?

“Trainees are made to work in every department and do lots of different jobs. This includes order picking in the warehouse, loading and unloading on the cross-dock and intake checks. In every department they pair you with an experienced employee who teaches you the ropes. By working in all the departments, you get to know every aspect of the logistical chain. The advantage is that you can work more flexibly afterwards!”

What is your workday like?

“I spend most of the day loading and unloading trailers. I work in a 3-shift system, meaning I have more time off during the week.  I really like it!”

Why Müller?

“I like my colleagues; the work is varied and they are always open to suggestions.”

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