"Being a transport planner is anything but monotonous. It’s a challenging and fun job!"

Oday DelliTransport planner

“As a transport planner, you need to deal with drivers, materials and the customer’s wishes. So every day is different, which makes this job so challenging, fun and anything but monotonous. The atmosphere in our department is always fun and nice, which makes working together much easier and pleasant!”

How did you end up at Müller?

“After studying Spatial and Urban Planning at Saxion university college in Deventer, I went to work as a planner for Müller in 2016. During my studies, I worked on an on-call basis in the warehouse. After my studies, they hired me for the planning department.”

What is your average day like?

“Every day and every week is different. My job is to plan the drivers and the trips. The drivers, the materials and the customer’s wishes all play an important role in my work, making my job very dynamic and challenging. Which is what I enjoy the most!”

What’s atmosphere like in your department?

“I work with a group of 10 colleagues who share the same interests for the most part, which is why we get on so well and have such fun together. It also makes working together much easier.”

Why Müller?

“Müller is a very dynamic company where you can always arrange a lot in consultation. They stick to the agreements they make and they always pay on time.”

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