"Every day takes me somewhere different!"

Wendy StoevenbeltTruck driver

Ik heb gekozen voor Müller, omdat het een groot bedrijf is,  maar ook nog een familiebedrijf. Ze zijn flexibel met de dagen en werktijden.

What were your first days on the job like?

“When I started out at Müller, I was assigned a mentor driver for a whole week. He explained to me how everything works and what was expected from me. The second week they let me head out on my own. But I could always call one of my colleagues if I wasn’t sure about something.”

What is your workday like?

“I drive up and down the Netherlands and also to parts of Belgium and Germany. I usually start between 3 am and 7 am and work 10 to 12-hour days on average. Every day is different. I always get assigned a list of different destinations, which means I always get to see new places. At the end of my day, I uncouple my trailer and refuel my cab. And then I go home.”

Why Müller?

“What’s nice about working at Müller is that you always get to go somewhere different. Every day and every week is never the same. The atmosphere is great and the material looks good. I also like the fact that they are so flexible and that everyone is given an opportunity to learn, regardless of their age. For the time being, I’m happy at Müller. I can see myself doing this job for another 30 years at least.”

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